Risk factors of developing pneumonia

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Non-infectious pneumonia may arise due to inhalation of acid stomach contents when vomiting. The contents of the stomach will cause your acidity violation of the pulmonary tissue and formation of inflammation. In the same way can act aggressive chemical substances, which afflicted ingested and subsequently inhaled the vomit, which is included. It is also possible inhalation of corrosive chemicals or the inhalation of a foreign body directly. In those cases, we’re talking about pneumonia.

Inhalation pneumonia

is characterized by the inhalation of poisonous gases or vapors, which irritate the entire respiratory tract to the occurrence of inflammation. Pneumonia are at risk of the family, where the members person moving in the infectious environment, which may simply be e.g., work team, school class or of the collective are suffering from various diseases of the respiratory tract. It is possible that vyvolavatelé of these diseases have a sufficient potential to induce a pneumonia, especially if they are supported by some of the following factors.

Are significantly at risk people over 60 years of age and also newborns, in which the lungs can be populated by a microbe before the birth (adnate pneumonia), during birth (perinatal pneumonia) or just after birth on the neonatal ward (postnatal pneumonia). In the elderly adversely affects the long-term unbalanced composition of the diet (lack of vitamins, vegetarian style of life), frequent consumption of alcohol and smoking.

As the associated disease arises of pneumonia in patients who have the influence of the basic disease reduced the quality of consciousness and/or malfunction of protective reflexes of the respiratory (nevykašlávají accumulated mucus).

Similarly, it is a risk factor for long operation, as the patient is put into an artificial coma and is vstupovano into the respiratory tract intubation. Dangerous are also all diseases in which there is a patient long confined to bed (see. the amount of hypostatic pneumonia), and further that, in which the influence of the treatment or the illness itself achieved by reducing the immunity of the organism.

Prevention of pneumonia

Due to the large amount of vyvolavatelů pneumonia and mainly due to the amount of uncontrollable spolupůsobících factors (age, other diseases) is the prevention of the disease difficult. This relates, in particular with a healthy lifestyle, which should include a varied diet, temperance in use of alcohol and efforts to maintain physical fitness. It is important that we can treat even a seemingly trivial respiratory diseases and not forgetting the basic therapeutic element, which is rest.

In persons over 60 years of age is recommended vaccination against influenza. It is possible to vaccinate against pneumococcus, and that’s from 2 month age of the child. As early it is possible to vaccinate against Haemophilus influenzae. Views on the appropriateness of the hemofilové and pneumococcal vaccines are among the experts differ, the details are beyond the scope of this text.

As with other bacterial diseases there is the problem of the erection of the resistance of bacterial strains to conventional antibiotics. If such a resistant strain of pneumonia caused by, then the disease initially unresponsive to the generally recommended antibiotics and duration of illness is prolonged.

In severe pneumonia, this may be up to fatal complications. Due to the fact that bacterial resistance is mainly caused by the overuse of antibiotics in the population (their prescribing for viral diseases, for which they are ineffective), it is necessary that the patients themselves when light diseases to antibiotic therapy have waived.

Expectant mothers can consult your gynecologist about the implementation of the bacteriological examination of the vagina with a focus on bacteria, which would be during delivery can cause pneumonia of the newborn (especially Streptococcus agalactiae).

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